Climate change

Climate change

Our activity is focused on the mitigation of and adaptation to Climate Change, specifically, the development of consultancy projects related to carbon and land use, especially forests.

The sector of agriculture, forestry and other land use (AFOLU) is of great importance in the mitigation of and adaptation to Climate Change.

We have over 10 years of experience in the sector, developing projects at an international as well as a national level. In addition, our team of professionals is highly trained in the analysis of large volumes of alphanumeric and spatial data (LiDAR, remote sensing, etc.), and adapting to the needs of the sector.

Our lines of work are:

  • Conducting greenhouse gas inventories over large areas
  • Calculation of carbon footprint, for which we have developed our own standard
  • Development of carbon market projects (standards: CDM, VCS, Gold Standard, FES CO2 etc.; Projects: A/R, REDD+, IFM, etc.)