Technical assistance with the carbon accounting in Nicaragua’s REDD+ programme within the framework of the FCPF

Writing of the Nicaragua Emission Reduction proposal (REDD+) for the Nicaraguan Government to be presented to the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF).

START DATE: March 2017

END DATE: End of 2017

CLIENT: The World Bank


ENDE-REDD Project website

FCPF website

Technical assistance to the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA) within the ENDE-REDD+ programme (National Deforestation Avoidance Programme), and the Interinstitutional Technical Committee (formed by MARENA, INAFOR and INETER).

The following tasks were carried out in producing the Emission Reduction Program Document (ER-PD):

  • Spatial analysis of deforestation agents;
  • Description of the scope and methods of carbon accounting;
  • Evaluation and approach of uncertainty
  • Establishment of Reference Levels, based on satellite information and national forest inventory data;
  • Definition of measuring and monitoring system;
  • Identification and mitigation of shifts ;
  • Calculation of the expected net emission reductions resulting from the programme.

In addition, full training was provided for the members of the Interinstitutional Technical Committee in order to transfer the knowledge and skills necessary for future monitoring, reporting and verification activities.