Climate projects within the Carbon Fund for a Sustainable Economy (FES CO2) MAGRAMA

Specialist consultancy services for the development and monitoring of Climate Projects (Proyectos Clima) for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment.


END DATE: ongoing



Carbon Fund – FES-CO2


Since the launch of the Climate Projects (2012) to the present day we have provided consultancy services to a variety of businesses in the bioenergy sector. To date, every project presented by Agresta has been approved, and we currently have 16 approved projects being implemented, involving a carbon reduction of some 30,000 tCO2. We advise on the development of Climate Projects, from the idea phase up to the process of buying and selling carbon offsets, as well as the creation of documentation for the project, monitoring plans and reports and support in audit verification.

Agrsta S. Coop., committed as we are to the mitigation of climate change, understands that the initiative of the Ministry encompasses the great challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the so-called Diffuse Sectors. We also share our experience of the carbon market in international projects, actively participating and getting directly involved in their development.