Quantification of emissions within the framework of the REDD+ programme in Madagascar

Generation of data relating to activity in the region of humid tropical forest of Madagascar in order to establish the reference level within the framework of the emission reduction programme of the Carbon Fund and the design of a national system of forest monitoring.

START DATE: January 2017

END DATE: June 2017

CLIENT: The World Bank



Forest Carbon Partnership

The project has generated data for REDD+ activities in relation to deforestation, degradation and increasing forest stocks.

In addition, an operational forest monitoring system has been developed which considers the following:

  • Application of remote sensing to obtain historical data on the evolution of forest cover and carbon stocks.
  • Development of a technological package based on open access software which enables processes to be adapted to the specific requirements of the project and reduce future costs for local institutions.
  • Full transfer of knowledge and skills related to the technology developed to local staff so that it can be applied to future forest monitoring.
  • The incorporation of techniques to detect forest perturbations based on trends in the long term analysis of satellite images which enables the generation of continuous data with respect to changes in forest cover.
  • The development of an analysis of accuracy and validation of spatially explicit results which follows the latest recommendations and methodologies available.