Standard for the calculation of the carbon footprint of events and organizations, as well as its reduction and compensation.


END DATE: ongoing

CLIENTS: Events and public and private organisations (National Forest Congress, Expo Bioenergy, Tenerife Walking Festival, RICAM, INTONA Barrel Makers, Tenerife Forestry Fair, Tenerife Bluetrail, etc.)


Development and setting up, through the InnoEmpresa programme, of our own carbon footprint standard HUELLACERO (ZEROFOOTPRINT), in collaboration with The Centre for Services and the Promotion of Forestry and its Industries in Castilla y León (Centro de Servicios y Promoción Forestal y de su Industria de Castilla y León, CESEFOR)

The standard consists of three separate certificates for the carbon footprint calculation, its reduction, and emission offsetting. Offsetting is achieved through the planting of forestry specimens in Spain.

Through this standard, the carbon footprint of various events and organisations has been calculated, reduced and offset and reports provided to the participating event organisers or organisations.