Mobilisation of forest resources

Mobilisation of forest resources

We assist with the mobilisation of wood and other forest products from both public and privately owned forests. Sustainable yield is the best guarantee of the conservation of our forests.
The mobilisation of timber and wood contributes to the conservation of our heritage, generates income for the owners and employment and economic development for the rural areas.

Woodlands occupy over 18 million hectares (Mha) in Spain, the country with the third largest forest area in the European Union. However, only 34% of forest growth is harvested. In addition, there are 9 Mha of scrublands and pastures, which presents a huge opportunity for increasing these assets through productive investment in plantations.

The enhancement of the value of the forests through its sustained and sustainable exploitation (timber and wood, mushrooms, resin, pine nuts, chestnuts and truffles) contributes to its conservation and improvement.

Working lines

Señalamientos y tasaciones

Tree marking and timber valuation

Evaluation of the capital value of wood and its monetisation and positioning in the market through the tree marking, will allow the generation of successful operations.
Explotación y comercialización

Harvesting and commercialisation

Management of felling under high environmental quality criteria and the classification and sale of wood in order to achieve the greatest benefits for the owner.
Plantaciones forestales

Forest plantations

Investment in new productive plantations contributes to the generation of valuable assets and the inheritance of future generations.
Trabajos selvícolas

Silvicultural interventions

Interventions to maintain the most appropriate growth conditions for a woodland and work to reduce risk of forest fires.

The team

Ángel Lobo

Ángel Lobo

Coordinator for Andalusia and Extremadura.

C/ Fernández de Ribera, 32, 3º dcha, 41005 Sevilla‎, Andalucía.
Tel. 639 587 656
Santiago Martín

Santiago Martín

Coordinator for Community of Valencia and Teruel.

C\ El Vall, 14
44410 Mosqueruela (Teruel)
Pedro Pablo Ranz

Pedro Pablo Ranz

Coordinator for the Canary Islands.

C/ Rambla Pulido 53, 2º, 38004 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands.
Tel. 922 281 720‎
Nieves Rábanos Martín

Nieves Rábanos Martín

Coordinator for Burgos.

C/General Mola 23, 09260 Pradoluengo, Burgos.
Tel. 647 461 442
Javier Antón

Javier Antón

Coordinator for Soria and Segovia.

Alejandro Martínez

Alejandro Martínez

Coordinator for Cantabria, Palencia, Valladolid, León and Zamora.

Avda. Reyes Católicos 6, 34100 Saldaña, Palencia, Castilla y León.
Tel. 663 882 249