Management and improvement work in 162 ha of black poplar

The principal objective was the structural and guide pruning of black poplars of 2 and 4 years, using pruning loppers and elevated platforms involving 45,320 trees.

END DATE: 2017

CLIENT: Somacyl SL


Cultivation manual for production of Populus spp. as an energy crop

The structural and guide pruning of black poplar is essential in order to obtain a product of high added value, with good market possibilities. Through this intervention straight and knot-free trees are obtained which means the wood can be used in the peeling industry.

The implementation process consisted in the following phases:

  • Shaping of 2-year old plants using long handled pruning loppers and clippers
  • Removal of sprouts and branches from the main stem in 2- and 4-year old trees
  • Pruning out of dominant branches at the top of 2- and 4-year old trees using long handled pruning saw
  • Pruning top parts of 4-year old trees using a platform
  • Cutting up of fallen trees in the plantation using a chainsaw and removing them with a tractor