Afforestation of 9 ha with mycorrhizal-inoculated holm oak for the production of Tuber nigrum (Palencia)

The main objective of this project was the setting up of a truffle production operation through the planting of holm oak mycorrhizal-inoculated with Tuber nigrum.

The planting of truffle producing holm oaks is an interesting alternative for productive investments in zones of continental limestone.

The implementation process consisted in the following phases:

  1. Study of soil and climate
  2. Writing of a viability report
  3. Handling the application for grants for the afforestation of agricultural land
  4. Soil preparation using a double cross subsoiling with an 80 cm ripper mounted on a bulldozer
  5. Manual planting of certified plants in 6 x 6 m planting distance from a specialist nursery in Soria
  6. Initial watering
  7. Cynegetic enclosure
  8. Maintenance (chopping and replanting)