Planting of 1960 specimens of the productive I-214 variety of black poplar in 7 ha of privately owned land in the meadowland along the Carrión river in the Saldaña area (Palencia)

The main objective of this project was the introduction of black poplar in 7 ha of productive meadowland along the Carrión river.

END DATE: 2016

CLIENT: Various private owners


Black poplar, a profitable crop

The planting of deep rooted poplars is one of the best alternatives in terms of forestry investment for deep soils with access to the phreatic layer. Black poplar is managed on a 12 to 15 year rotation and provides an 8% profit on suitable soils.

The implementation process involved the following stages:

  1. Viability study of planting, soil, phreatic layer (soil study)
  2. Marking out of planting lines using a tractor and metal ranging rods
  3. Regular planting in 6 x 6 m planting distance using a backhoe excavator, to a depth where phreatic water appeared (1.2 to 2 m)
  4. Grading