The general aim of the project is to contribute, within the framework of the objectives of LIFE+ Environmental Policy and Governance, to the reduction of greenhouse gases in order to ameliorate the effects of climate change at the same time as reducing the risk of forest fires through the sustainable exploitation of the available energy resources of forests with increased flammability potential.
START DATE: June 2014

END DATE: December 2017

CLIENT: LIFE programme (European Commission)


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LIFE ENERBIOSCRUB – Sustainable management of shrub formation for energy purposes

Scrub energy, PG 52

The proposed project is in line with EU environmental policy objectives promoting the management of marginal scrub areas and using it as solid biofuel, thus achieving EU environmental objectives in terms of climate change, forest management and renewable energies.

The aim is to reduce the risk of forest fires through the sustainable energy harvesting of forested areas of higher flammability.

Four trial zones have been selected, in the regions of Castilla-León and Galicia where scrub biomass harvesting systems will be put into practice that are innovative and more environmentally friendly, and these will serve as a reference for the rollout of the technology and methods demonstrated into other areas.