Course on QGIS and LiDAR in the evaluation of forest ecosystems

Since 2013, seven editions have been run of this blended learning course looking at the principal processes for the analysis of LiDAR information in forest ecosystems.

END DATE: 2017

CLIENT: Students and professionals from SMEs, companies and public bodies


Website of the training platform Dwo

3rd edition of the course

Video of the 4th edition


A course lasting 125 hours which demonstrates in a practical way and using QGiS as a platform (open software),the principal processes of the analysis of LiDAR information for the evaluation of forest ecosystems, creating vegetation mapping and estimation of real growing stock.

In this course, the student learns to process LiDAR point clouds by running algorithms from the QGiS toolbar. In the final blocks of the course, parametric and non-parametric regression methods are used to estimate forest variables. The student also learns how to write R scripts to estimate forest variables from continuous LiDAR information.

The course is composed of an online element using an individual moodle platform, and a face-to-face element, which in different editions has been held in Madrid, Barcelona, Cuenca, Valencia, Oviedo, Soria and Logroño. It includes webinars for workshop activities and to resolve queries.