Forestry consultancy

Forestry consultancy

We share the skills and experience we have accumulated since the year 2000, and provide advice with the best customized technical solutions.


We have a multidisciplinary team and more than 15 years of experience in different aspects of forestry consultancy.

We develop engineering services based on a vision that integrates technical solutions and the characteristics of the natural environment. This way, we promote the development of the forestry sector while protecting biodiversity, and enhancing the value of environmental services provided by forests.

For a correct consulting service, we are committed to communicating with the client, delivering diagnostics, and designing and implementing action plans.

Forestry engineering

Forestry engineering


fully reported projects

  • Projects on Hydrological-forestry restoration and preventative silviculture
  • Infrastructure and public use projects
  • Fire prevention planning
  • Forestry operations management
Forestry engineering

Forest management and land use planning


hectares already planned in Spain

  • Projects for land use regulation of woodlands
  • Technical plans for forest management
  • Hunting management planning
  • Land use planning regulations for Natural Protected Areas
Environmental studies

Environmental studies

regions where we have analysed a wide variety of ecosystems

  • Studies of biodiversity, protected areas and landscape
  • Environmental impact assessment and environmental monitoring
  • Inventories of gardens and green spaces
  • Strategy for the public use of the natural environment
Protection of forestry land

Protection of forest land ownership

hectares of land demarcated

  • Land demarcation and marking-of boundaries
  • Surveys of forestry property
  • Topographical mapping and surveying
  • Updating of cartography of properties