Training service related to migration to QGIS for technical staff

Various editions of “in company” training and assessment services for the migration of proprietary GIS platform to open source Qgis software.
START DATE: 2015 (various editions)

END DATE: 2017 (various editions)

CLIENT: state-owned company of environmental management

The training and assessment focusing on changing the GIS platform of a state-owned company of environmental management had the following general objectives:

  • Reduce the negative aspects involved in working with a proprietary software and those associated with working with software that is not regularly updated
  • Extend the programmes developed by a public entity to all citizens and not limit them to users with commercial licences
  • Support the reduction of costs and increasing budgetary efficiency of public bodies by reducing costs of licences
  • Open up to local commercial companies and not only those related to proprietary software

To this end, we provided a training service adapted to the most common day-to-day operations carried out by technical staff working in the field. The training comprised a mixture of face-to-face and online activities.