Publications sur les feux de forêt

Spatial variability of vegetation recovery at La Gomera wildfire using high spatial resolution imagery

Fire severity mapping in Garajonay National Park: comparison between spectral indices

Generation of high-resolution fuel maps from discrete airborne LiDAR data: a low-cost and highly updated methodology for large areas.

Elaboración de cartografía forestal en canarias a partir de datos LiDAR

Forest fuel management for wildfire prevention in Spain: a quantitative SWOT analysis

Short-term effect of fuel treatments on fire behaviour in a mixed-heathland: a comparative assessment in an outdoor wind-tunnel

Mapping fire risk in the Model Forest of Urbión based on airborne LiDAR measurements

Fuel management effectiveness in a mixed heathland: a comparison of the effect of different treatment types on fire initiation risk

Fuel bulk density and fuel moisture content effect on fire rate of spread: a comparison between FIRETEC model predictions and experimental results in shrub fuels

Fire hazard after prescribed burning in a gorse shrubland: Implications for fuel management